I am collecting webpages that have been useful in researching for my writing. In the next couple of months I will update this with more links and also a list of the books on the topic of the former German Democratic Republic. (updated April 20, 2019)

Information on the Stasi

Example of Stasi File (translated into English)

Photos from the Stasi Museum  (from my visit in October, 2015)

Where Have All His Spies Gone? NYT Magazine 1990

Stasi Documents (in German)

Article: You know Who Else Collected Metadata? The Stasi. by Julia Angwin (interesting article, with many links to documents, some translated into English)

Life in East Germany

Teachers Under Communism–The Case of East Germany by Walter Hahn, 1973 ACSD

Berlin in the ’90s

Berlin Mitte in 1991


The largest security-prison for men in the former German Democratic Republic/GDR is going to be converted into a memorial site, ISHR, May 4, 2011


New Exhibit (opened Dec 2017) on forced labor in GDR prisons